Care and Safety

Safety & Care
Daxi London provide, safety tested, fun and colourful baby teethers & silicone dummy chains for your little ones, as well as nursing necklaces  and bracelets for mums. All dummy clips and teething rings are safety tested and are compliant to European safety standards. 
Clean your teether, dummy chain and nursing jewellery before its first use, and regularly after that, using warm soapy water or disinfectant wipes and drying thoroughly. Do not put in a steriliser or freezer.
It is important to note that you should NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY ALONE with any of my products. They should only ever be used under the full supervision of an adult. I recommend you to regularly check the beads, cord and clasp for any signs of damage and stop use immediately should this occur.
Check your teether and/or dummy chain before each use. Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness. Never lengthen the dummy clip. Never attach to cords, ribbons, laces, or loose parts of clothing. Dummy clips must only be attached to a garment, and not be used while the baby is in a cot, bed or crib. Dummy clips are not to be used as a toy or a teether. Do not place into a freezer or steriliser. 
Teething necklaces are to be worn by adults only. They should never be worn by or played with by an infant under 36 months as they pose a strangulation risk. Jewellery is NOT a toy.
Nursing necklace are fitted with a break away clasp. This means that the clasp will release if pulled and the cord will not break under pressure making sure that the beads will not unfasten. The clasp is not designed to be chewed on.
By purchasing from Daxi London you are agreeing to these safety terms and acknowledge that Daxi London cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage, loss, injury, claims, costs, expenses, professional fees and any other liability resulting out of the improper use of any of my products or the failure to properly supervise any baby or child.
Parental Supervision is required at all times.